Awareness Alert

At Dineras, we are dedicated to providing high-quality medicines through our wholesale distribution channels, with our official website being Recently, we have been made aware of fraudulent entities impersonating our company using deceptive domains such as,, and - L instead of i.

These scammers are offering large quantities of CZ origin Ozempic and other high demand products, attempting to deceive our valued clients and partners. To ensure your safety and protect your business, please take note of the following precautions:

1. Verify the Domain: Always ensure you are interacting with our legitimate website, Pay close attention to the spelling and domain details.
2. Email Verification: Our official email domains are,, and Be wary of emails from similar but incorrect domains.
3. Contact Us Directly: If you receive any suspicious offers, particularly for large quantities of Ozempic, contact our support team directly through our official website to verify the authenticity.
4. Report Suspicious Activity: Immediately report any encounters with fraudulent domains or suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities and to us at
5. Educate Your Teams: Inform your team members and colleagues about these scams to prevent any unintentional engagements with these fraudulent entities.

We are working diligently with authorities to address this issue and ensure the safety and trust of our community. Your vigilance and cooperation are crucial in combating these fraudulent activities.

Thank you for your continued support. Together, we can maintain a secure and trustworthy environment for all.

If any questions, please contact Raigardas KneiÅžys +370 (614) 16227

Stay Safe, The Dineras Team