At some point in adult life we decide that it is time to change our style of clothes or get a different haircut, because we feel like we have matured into something else. It feels refreshing and truer to our mood usually. Businesses and companies are nodifferent: Dineras has grown up in those two decades and we wanted that growth to be represented better.

What are we about?

In a business like ours, yours and mine, success is built on relationships, which share common values. We do not need to list a magic triad or several of them, because there is just one paramount: trust. The rest are either personal preference or just a default decency. Trust is what makes things blossom, wheels turn and get things done. Cross your client once and you part ways. Only if you respect them and are there for them you can stay with them forever. That is what parallel lines mean: never cross – always together.

How did we evolve? |||

There is no magical way and no sugar coating is needed, because the right combination of staff, processes and methods needs time; and mistakes. Two decades are not enough to get it perfect, because it is like baking bread: recipe is almost always simple, but little things in the process can make it stand out or deem it to stay average. Our modus operandi is evolving and will continue to do so, because it is encoded in our DNA. Never cross, always together.